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Lip Augmentation Treatments

Lips play an important role in your beauty. It gives your face the young appeal and makes others to admire. While talking to others they will probably notice your lips. Lip Augmentation is the process of changing the shape and size of the lips.


Lip augmentation changes filler lips into an attractive one. It also reduces the wrinkles around the mouth. This treatment is carried out by injecting filler consists of fat taken from the patient’s body or the collagen liquid extracted from cows. It helps to get the desired shape and appearance of the lips. Augmentation process has various types injections used based on the body condition and development of tissues in the patient’s body.


The best thing in this treatment is no surgery is required. In single injection we can attain the desired shape of the lips. This treatment is carried out for temporary or permanent solution. Permanent solution can be made by lip implantation method.  But before taking treatment you must consider your health. If have allergies or any problems in your health you must inform the doctor before starting the treatment. If you fail to inform it leads to swollen, blood clotting and many complications.


The recovery is based on the types of treatments you have taken and your body conditions and lifestyle. There are some of the complications are there in this treatment over bleeding, swollen, fever pain and pressure. If u feels such symptoms inform the doctor for further treatment. Eat soft foods and liquid foods until the time of recovery. If u have the habit of smoking please inform this to the doctor and stop this before after the treatment. This is a cosmetic surgery so your insurance won’t cover this so you must ready to pay for this treatment. If you follow all the instructions properly and undergo the treatment then you will surely find good results.