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Freaking Side effects of Botox Injections

Everyone must hear out of this Botox especially in cosmetic field. Botox becomes rapidly increasing treatment. Botox is a type of injection used for the removal of wrinkles and lines. It is useful for conserving youthful skin without wrinkles. But before undergoes a treatment with Botox we must be aware of the side effects also. This is not only for Botox but also for all types of treatments.

The researchers have now stated that Botox treatment has harmful side effects when used for a long period. The research made by Canadian researchers by injecting the Botox to rabbits nearly 1.5 years. They discovered the loss of muscle in the injected areas. The substance made the muscle to lose and turns it into fats.  The muscle loss also take place which aren’t get injected.


The other effects of Botox are pain, drooping face and muscle weakness. If anyone injects this in over dosage into their legs or hands there they can feel the muscle weakness. It makes the tightened facial muscles to relax and reduce the wrinkles. The working of the substance is carried by the contraction of muscles.  The contraction of muscles smooths the skin. Slowly it returns to the previous shape. The main thing is Botox spreads throughout the body without staying at a place. So use Botox carefully and avoid taking such treatments for many times.