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Micro Pigmentation the Permanent Makeup

Micro Pigmentation is a permanent makeup solution which becomes very popular in recent days. The main purpose is to restore facial features.

It reconstructs the features of eyebrows, eyelashes lips. It improves the blemish and uneven pigments. This treatment is carried out as a small surgery. At the time surgery they give you anesthesia. A hand held device is used which resembles a tattoo gun with small needles. It takes not more than 30 minutes to finish. You are allowed home immediately but your health will be closely monitored for a few days.


The Micro pigmentation is mainly for people who don’t have enough time do make ups on regular basis.  The pigment used in this treatment is natural. They are available in a wide range of colors that complements the color of your skin as well as your hair.  Most people don’t do makeup according to their wish due the allergies of some chemicals in the traditional makeup. But it’s non allergic. Micro Pigmentation doesn’t have spread out problems. It is most commonly used for the discoloration of skin and uneven lips to hide the negative appearance by executing the positive appearance. It sweeps out the problem of tearing and irritating eyes caused by spent time in computers and televisions. Micro pigmentation gives natural look so you don’t need to put make up all the times you are going out. This treatment removes your scars too. In this type of treatments pigments are implanted which supports the growth of eyelashes. It gives you permanent eyebrows, eye shadows, lip color with lip liner.


As like other cosmetic treatment these also having the side effects like infection, allergic reactions etc.  Micro Pigmentation is not a perfect permanent treatment due to some reasons. Discoloration created by aging. Sunlight also affects the strength of the color. In such conditions you need to take more treatment to get your new look. The cost of micro pigmentation is very expensive because it is done for permanent make up.