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Myths vs Facts of Cosmetic Surgery

In the recent few years, medical sector has undergone drastic advancements with the introduction of plastic or cosmetic surgery techniques. Main role of this surgical procedure is to cure major problems related to damage of skin or face via painless surgery equipment and techniques. However, this field of medical sector also surrounds anxiety and fear towards various surgical procedures.

Even because of anxiety only, many people think for undergoing such procedure twice or thrice. Thus, in order to give right direction to the people and overcome their anxious feelings towards cosmetic surgery method, experts related to this sector have done a comparative study on both myths and facts related to the method.

Myth 1:-Scope of Surgery for Vain People

Many people perceive that Cosmetic Surgery remains confined for only vain individuals.

Fact 1:-Surgery has Wide Scope in Solving Problems

Cosmetic surgery is responsible for correcting all sorts of problems, which include abnormalities, birth defect and severe types of injuries. Even you may consider it as helpful for bringing improvements in the self-esteem of individuals by simply bringing changes in the physical appearance so that feel marginalized.

Myth 2:-Certification is Mandatory

Secondly, many patients and their family members believe that the doctor or a surgeon responsible for performing surgical procedure should compulsory has certification prior to deliver their services.

Fact 2:-Medical License is Adequate

According to experienced people related to cosmetic surgery, doctors or surgeons related to this sector only require medical license. In addition, it is essential for the patient to confirm that the doctor’s facility has necessary accreditation from reliable yet renowned board, like for instance American Plastic Surgery Board.

Myth 3:-Plastic Surgery is not any Big Deal

Thirdly, many individuals consider plastic surgery procedures lightly or they perceive as not any big deal.

Fact 3:-Plastic Surgery Involves Anesthesia and Suitable Amount of Pain

Fact in this case is that plastic surgery is a type of surgery. Because of this, it requires local anesthesia and at the same time, causes suitable amount of pain. However, surgeon in this case helps patients to manage their levels of pain effectively and thereby, step ahead for relatively fast recovery process.

Myth 4:-Surgery leads to Facelift

Many men and women perceive that surgery leads to facelift problem in future.

Fact 4:-Surgery Results in Better yet Natural Look

Many times, patients bear the problem of facelift or botched surgery because of choosing a surgeon, who does not possess adequate experience or training required to deliver cosmetic surgery solutions. On the other side, by choosing experienced surgeon, you will definitely get better yet natural look of your face.

Myth 5:-Liposuction fails to give Desired Outcome

Lastly, individuals facing overweight problems usually hesitate to undergo liposuction categorized under cosmetic surgery. This is because; they believe that the removal of fat takes place during the procedure mostly comes back after a specific period.

Fact 5:-Liposuction Gives Positive Outcomes but Require Patients’ Coordination

Liposuction procedure removes fat cells from various concentrated fat areas. Excluding extreme conditions, replacement of such cells is impossible. However, patients undergoing liposuction process should make sure of eating right diet and doing regular exercise for maintenance of proper weight and overall physical appearance.