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How does cosmetic surgery affect society?

Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Who is the fairest of them all?

Fairytale mirrors were expected to give prompt and exact answers. Alas! Not so in the real world. So we spend hours staring at the mirror and minutely scrutinizing ourselves. And its not just the hairstyle, make-up or dress that we check up on.

Modern medicine and technology have found newer avenues for us to explore. From facial reconstructions to body contouring, there is nothing that plastic and cosmetic surgeons cannot alter. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there have been 17.5 million surgical and cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2017, which is a 200% increase since 2000. With the advent of high resolution camera phones and the constant need for selfies, this trend is not going away anytime soon. Let’s take a look on how cosmetic enhancements impact key aspects of our society.

Plastic surgery and Trauma

Plastic surgery is essentially reconstructive. It aims to do away with congenital disabilities and scars due to accidents or disease. For many, it’s a godsend. Being bullied in school or feeling inferior and ashamed due to birthmarks is a painful memory for many a child. A scar can also be a reminder of a traumatic experience or a nasty accident. Minimally invasive surgeries are a safe way for them to be happier. For many liposuctions (fat reduction)is the way to be healthier and more active.

Plastic surgery and Social Media

The increasing use of social media has seen a corresponding growth in cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgery specialises in the enhancement of facial and bodily features. With more and more teens and young adults snapping and sending pictures, the need to look good has never been so acutely felt. Peer pressure and the need to impress are driving people to correct their real or imagined imperfections.

Plastic surgery and celebrities

The loudest exponents and torch bearers of the cosmetic industry are celebrities. Both accomplished actresses and starlets are being open about their cosmetic procedures and wowing fans with their altered looks. Although celebrity surgeons warn that there is always a risk involved and the results might not be as expected, it hasn’t stopped fans and followers from trying.

Plastic surgery and advertisements

Print and electronic media splash, constant reminders of our imperfections. Attractive offers on the flawless rejuvenated skin or instant weight loss schemes allure unwary readers. More importantly, they set the bar for the standards of expected facial and physical proportions. This makes us feel bad about our natural or inherited features.

Plastic surgery and Technology

High end smartphones like Iphone X and Google pixel 2 have camera lenses designed to attract customers by taking better selfies. Psychologists think this shows a dangerous tendency to see ourselves through the images on our devices. While this might help us in choosing a haircut or an outfit, recorded images depend a lot on light angle and background. So be cautious while judging yourself in a photograph.

The good news about technology in plastic surgery is the rise in the number of non invasive procedures. Before deciding to go under the knife, make sure you know about injectables and fillers which are safer and less permanent.

Plastic surgery and Aspirations

Professional acclaim and success define our social status. A study conducted by a group of plastic surgeons found career aspirations to be a major reason for surgery. Some might argue that looks should not hamper performance at work. But if surgery gives you confidence, then why not.

With so much having been said about society and trends, let’s shift our focus on the individual.

Plastic surgery and You

It is an undeniable truth that being the best looking person in the room boosts our confidence. Getting rid of scars and defects gives a sense of freedom. The ability to modify our bodies gives us hope for a better and healthier tomorrow. Due to the availability and affordability of a range of surgical procedures, information plays a vital role in your decision. Make sure you have a healthy reason for going under the knife and adequate testimonials about the surgeon and the procedure you opt for. Discuss probable side effects and risks. Keep in mind being proudly imperfect is also bold.

The fairytale mirror would probably have cracked under strain, but there is no reason you should too.