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Cosmetic Surgery: An Elixir to Enhance your Beauty

Beauty is a nature’s gift, as people grow older the beauty starts to fade away. A very good appearance is necessary to get impressed by everyone. A pleasing appearance and look always adds confidence to the mind.  Everybody wants to look charmful in spite of their age and sex. Self improvement is very much important in this competitive world, both in society as well as in the professional world. As “growing old is inevitable but looking young is negotiable”; a cosmetic or plastic surgeon can turn you into a beauty irrespective of your age and sex. You can enhance your appeal and body structure using cosmetic surgery and this method of surgery is becoming popular these days; even older people who have crossed their sixties are working out hard to enhance their beauty.  A cosmetic surgeon performs surgery from face to butt anywhere in the body to turn you into a beauty. Both cosmetic and plastic surgery are distinct from each other, Plastic surgery is done to  retrieve the original shape and structure which might have been disfigured due to an accident or fire while cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance the beauty of the body. Obesity and hair loss are two main factors which can turn a handsome man or a pretty girl into an unattractive person. But cosmetic surgery can change these persons into attractive persons.

Obesity or Bariatric surgery is regularly done in obese people with modern life style. Excess body fat will be deposited in the tummy or abdomen as a result of fast foods and sedentary lifestyle. This excess fat in the tummy can be easily removed by a cosmetic surgeon. People whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than 35 must perform this surgery to obtain a shaped body. This surgery can be performed with the state of the art techniques such as key hole method and endoscopy. Bariatric surgery is highly beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems and cardiovascular disease. Subsequently after the surgery people have to be strict in fatty diets to retain the shape and maintain the beauty.


Hair fall and hair loss are two distinct features, hair fall is a natural phenomena and it occurs daily and nearly 100-150 hairs are shed every day, while hair loss can be due to trauma or burns or can occur hereditarily. Hair transplantation can be performed easily by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Hair from the back and side is surgically moved to the top of the head. Moreover hair implants can also be done, this fixation of hair is a time consuming procedure but increases your face value forever.

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