Call for a Cosmetic Surgeon!

All of us are envious of those who have lovely wrinkle-free skin. There is probably not a single soul who has not wished for a fresh glow and tender look. Well, healthy diets, sunscreen and wrinkle creams mostly offer what we want, but if we want something more, we need to look at our pockets first. Aging causes wrinkles, both fine and deep. Moreover with aging one can notice discoloration and sagging skin. There are a number of anti-aging treatments which can reduce the wrinkles and bring back a certain glow in the skin. Botox which is made of botulism is a common treatment. It simply paralyzes the muscles so that there is reduction in wrinkles. Although it does not have a permanent effect and you will have to rely on Botox treatments from time to time, this surely hides aging for some time at least. Cosmetic fillers are used for filling in wrinkles. These have some side effects like fevers, arthritis, allergic reactions, and dry mouth and eyes. Consultation with the doctor is must before you use the fillers. Lasers are used to remove the superficial wrinkles and fine lines. There can be pain, scarring and discoloration. The last method is of course surgery or face lifts. They remove wrinkles and lift the sagging skin. Only a good cosmetic surgeon can operate properly. It can result in tight facial skin and alter the looks of a person. Even face lifting has certain limitations like it is unable to fix age spots, fine lines and acne scarring.