Carboxy therapy: -An Effective way to augment your Beauty

Carbon dioxide which is been regularly used in fizzed up carbonated drinks is now used in beauty treatment. Treatment through carbon dioxide is called as carboxy therapy. It is now becoming one of the most sought beauty treatments methods throughout the World. Carboxy treatment initially originated from France and started to spread Worldwide. It is one of the effective treatments that can eliminate aging effects and blemishes from face.

In carboxy therapy, carbon dioxide or CO2 is injected into the skin and as it is in the gaseous state it easily penetrates the skin. Gas starts to spread to the nearby tissues and starts killing the fat tissues and removes saggy nature of skin. CO2 has the ability to increase the flow of blood and enhances the elasticity of skin. Carboxy therapy is free from side effects; it is same as regularly inhaling oxygen and exhaling Carbondioxide. Botox therapy which was previously used is now replaced by carboxy therapy and it has more benefits as compared to botox treatment.

It can rejuvenate skin and makes it smoother; as blood circulation is improved the face looks refreshed. Fats present in the tissues of face are completely burnt off and is turned into firmer subcutaneous tissue. The procedure is neither painful  nor  produces any side effects. Carboxy therapy has no restrictions except one should avoid usage of water or submerging in water until visible effects appear on face.