How Much Cosmetic Surgery Costs

Cosmetic surgery is often near the top of the wish list for the average modern man or woman. A nip here and a tuck there – sounds great. What’s more, with the easiness of most operations, it’s just a case of raising a few thousand and booking your self in for the surgery, right? Well, actually, that’s not the case. Plastic surgery is highly skilled and highly dangerous. As a result, you’re looking for your operation to carried out by a fully trained, well experienced professional, which will bump up the costs considerably, depending on the specific treatment you’re opting for.


Before you consider costs, you must consider what type of operation you’re looking at, and whether you are sure it is the route down which you want to go. Remember the inherently dangerous nature of all procedures before you embark, and make sure you discuss at length with a practitioner your options and the potential side effects of your treatment should the worst happen.


Here we’ve compiled a list of average cosmetic surgery costs by operation at professional hospitals by experienced surgeons. Of course you may find backstreet surgeons willing to operate for less, but this at least gives an indication of what you can expect to pay for a job well done.


Average Cosmetic Surgery Costs (by procedure):


  • Breast Enlargement – $6,800 – $10,000
  • Ear Correction – $2,200 – $5,600
  • Facelift – $8,400 – $10,600
  • Liposuction – $3,000 – $10,000
  • Nosejob – $6,000 – $8,000
  • Tummy Tuck – $7,600 – $10,400


Saving Money on Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Many cosmetic surgery patients make their way to foreign shores in order to save on the cost of their operations. Quite rightly, the cost of treatments is incredibly variable, and Western currencies do carry more weight in other territories. However, you need to make sure before you hand over your money that the doctor or surgeon preparing to perform your operation is as skilled and experienced as your domestic practitioners, so you can compare like for like.


It is possible to find good hospitals in Europe or some Asian countries that may be cheaper than domestic practices, however you should exercise your full discretion in selecting which country to choose and indeed which hospital to commit to for your operation to avoid experiencing the unpleasant and potentially life altering consequences of a botched job (and of course to guarantee your money and that the services will be performed as agreed).