Rhinoplasty: Shape your Nose and increase your Facial Appeal

More than half a million people are curious to enhance the appearance of their nose with the help of a facial plastic surgeon. Several people are unhappy with their nose they are born with, while some are dissatisfied due to ageing process that affected their nose. But for others it may be due to a breathing problem or change in shape of nose as a result of an accident or an injury. Altering the nose slightly based upon the requirement could enhance the appearance of a person. Rhinoplasty is mostly done to improve the facial look, get good health (breathing problems due to obstruction) or increase self confidence.

Rhinoplasty increases the shape and size of the nose and brings an aesthetic look to face. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia is administered to perform the surgery. Most of the incisions are invisible as they are made inside the nose during rhinoplasty surgery. In rare cases external excisions are needed, appearance of nose is increased by rearranging or removing the bones and cartilages. If a deviated septum is present in the patient’s nose, it is rectified simultaneously with the rhinopalsty surgery and this is called as septoplasty. Cartilage or bone that obstructs nose is altered or removed during the surgery.