The Ill Effects of Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries have become fashion now days. Each and everyone think that they must look beautiful and others would admire them. This thinking leads them to do change in their appearance. So they decide cosmetic surgery is the only solution. Some cases like burnt and accidental changes cosmetic surgery is necessary it’s unavoidable. But most of them try to change their appearance for beauty.

Cosmetic surgery won’t change you like celebrities. Comparing to other surgeries cosmetic surgery has lot of disadvantages. The anesthesia given to a patient at the time of surgery will lead to irritation in your breathing systems. Also it’s not good for health. It leads to difficulty while breathing. The most common issue in performing all the surgeries is the clotting of blood. While surgery blood clots at a place and becomes normal slowly. In some cases it won’t get back to normal and causes serious problems.

Infection is another problem created after surgery. Lot of chances is there for infections in the open tissues at the time of healing and it depends upon the patient body conditions. Some of the patients suffer from allergic reactions; they feel itching and swelling in the operated areas.  Very important thing is if you don’t find a good and experienced surgeon then everything will go wrong. Also a cosmetic surgery is very expensive even the insurance plans won’t cover. So must want to pay for that. You can avoid all these issues.

Beauty is the gift of god. God has created each people unique as his master piece. Be unique and achieve more. Everyone has something special with them find it and execute and that’s real beauty.