The Leading Cosmetic Trend “Liposuction” Can Give You a Curvy Figure

Sexy Curves Are In Vogue

The ‘hourglass’ figure is every woman’s dream and the curvy figures of the celebrities has made this dream even more tempting. May it be the curves of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, every woman has an ideal to whom she looks up to for having a sexy figure. And why shouldn’t they? Having a curvy body speaks about their femininity. Some women are blessed with a naturally curvy body whereas others have to work very hard to get those sexy breasts, hips and buttocks. And if that doesn’t work, well they always have plastic surgery to turn to. Plastic surgery in Atlanta is considered to be a perfect procedure that will give you the curvy figure you have been yearning for.


A Curvy Figure Is Just an Expert Away

The technology has advanced to such an extent that a curvy sex figure is well within every women’s reach. All you need is a surgeon who is an expert in the technique of using fat from your own body to place it on the right spots to make those curves visible. Liposuction Atlanta by Dr. Crispin is considered to be one of the best liposuction in Atlanta. So if you are considering undergoing the procedure, you should consult the expert in this regard.

Liposuction – A Leading Cosmetic Trend

Transferring fat from one part of the body to another is not a new technique, breast procedures are a common example of that. This technique has been used in several reconstructive procedures over the years to correct genetic defects and disfigurements. The reason that the procedure has gained such popularity is because it gives them a chance to get the body shape that was denied to them naturally. Liposuction is recognized as an effective procedure to get curvy hips, sexy buttocks and fuller breasts. And that too without implants and a minimally invasive surgery. So you can forget worrying about months of recovery period. Also, the procedure uses the fat produced by your own body, it is ideal for women who are concerned about saline and silicone implants. Research shows that fat transfer increased by thirteen percent in United Kingdom in a year.

What Makes Liposuction So Appealing?

What makes the procedure so appealing is the fact that while you are plumping the areas of your body, you can get rid of unwanted fat from your body simultaneously. Most of the women feel that they have excess fat on their thighs, stomach and buttocks which they want to get rid of. And why not? There’s no point of getting those sexy curves with a muffin top, a bulging belly and fat thighs. The stubborn fat in these areas are difficult to eliminate. So if a woman has such a body, she is an ideal candidate for a fat transferring procedure where the fat from these areas can be used to transfer to places that require fat to show the curves. The procedure is also ideal to fill those lean cheeks and thin lips.

Benefits of the Procedure

  • Small Incision:

    The small incisions made during the procedure makes it easy for the patients to fit into concealing summer clothes as well as revealing bathing suits. These smaller incisions lead to scarring that is not that visible and won’t be exposed in a teensy bikini.

  • Quick Recovery:

    The recovery period is relatively less as compared to the conventional cosmetic surgeries done on the breasts or the buttocks. This means that you get to flaunt that new beautiful body of yours, much quicker.

  • Long Lasting Results:

    Unlike other implant surgeries, the results of the procedure are longer lasting. That means that you don’t have to worry about getting your implants redone or risk rupturing for many years.

  • Boasts Self Confidence:

    As with other plastic surgery procedure, the fat transfers boost your self-confidence. Because you look good outside, you feel beautiful inside. This amazing new feeling of self-confidence that comes with a sexier and perkier body makes you feel proud of the decision that you made.